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At FIT FARM, we plant the seeds of sustainability and self-sufficiency; we provide a place to give and a place to grow.

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Watch the Ultra-Marathon on Facebook and Instagram

Beginning at 5:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, fit farmer Jeffrey Fleming will run 100 miles (or more!) in 24 hours in and around the FIT FARM property in New Hartford, Connecticut. Live updates will be broadcast on Facebook and Instagram every two hours as well as at each 20-mile mark (20, 40, 60, […]

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One Farmer. One Hundred Miles. One Day.

FIT FARMER JEFFREY FLEMING TO RUN 100 MILES IN 24 HOURS Fourth of July Ultra-Marathon Event Kicks Off Fundraising for New Life Skills-Based Therapy Project Starting at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 4, 2018, Fit Farmer Jeffrey Fleming of New Hartford will attempt to run 100 miles (or more!) in 24 hours (doing consecutive laps […]

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What is FIT FARM?

In September 2017, childhood friends Jeffrey Fleming and Paul Matthews scraped together as much energy and money as they could and established FIT FARM. Titled “Reclamation,” meaning to reclaim a right or cultivate wasteland into productive farmland, their vision and project involves unearthing the once pristine roots of the FIT FARM property and planting seeds to teach people sustainability and how to be self-sufficient.

Founded on the belief that when people learn to build and create things, they also learn to build and create themselves, the FIT FARM “Life Skills-Based Therapy” model teaches people new skills while emphasizing personal health and wellness and promoting self-advocacy and self-care. Learning new skill sets improves individuals’ self-image, increases their confidence, and instills in them a sense of self-worth.

Jeff and Paul’s first goal was to give the FIT FARM property some curb appeal. Throughout the fall and winter, they aggressively worked to uncover the boundaries of the old horse property. They found countless remnants of life, love, and labor – from axe heads and anvils to horseshoes and shovels – all of which told a story of years of hard work.

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